Lobularia Maritima 'Carpet of Snow' (Sweet Alyssum, Dwarf White - Carpet of Snow)
Lobularia Maritima commonly known as ‘Sweet Alyssum – Carpet of Snow’ is a compact garden annual and popular ground cover. Also commonly referred as Sweet Alyssum and Sweet Alison this compact Annual is easy to grow from seeds, and the...
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LOBULARIA Maritima (Sweet Alyssum, Dwarf Pink)
Dwarf Pink Sweet Alyssum is a favorite of gardeners, prized for its masses of fragrant flowers and used as an edging plant or addition to the border. Plants bloom quickly from seed. Plants tolerate a range of growing conditions and...
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LOBULARIA Maritima 'Royal Carpet' (Sweet Alyssum, Dwarf Purple - Royal Carpet)
Dwarf Sweet Alyssum ‘Royal Carpet’ is an heirloom variety that was an AAS winner in 1953. ‘Royal Carpet’ has purple flowers and is very dwarf, growing to only 2 - 4 inches tall. It blooms quickly from seed, is easy...
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Lobularia Maritima, Alyssum Maritimum (Sweet Alyssum, Tall White)
Lobularia Maritima, Alyssum Maritimum, common name ‘Sweet Alyssum’ or ‘Sweet Alison’, also commonly referred to as just alyssum is a species of low-growing flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae. Lobularia is a genus of five species of flowering plants in...
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