Cassia fistula (Golden Rain Tree)
Throughout the year, the goldenraintree adds beauty and charm to the environment, with rare yellow tree blooms in late spring and summer, and beautiful paper lanterns dangling from the branches in autumn and winter. This tree, however, is more than...
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Cassia marilandica (Wild Senna)
Wild Senna is a versatile plant that we believe needs greater attention as a fantastic addition to any garden or restoration effort. It has beautiful, bright yellow blooms that bloom from July to August and attract a lot of bees...
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Cassia alata (Ringworm Cassia)
From late summer to fall, this huge, spreading shrub from Argentina produces enormous spikes of golden-yellow flowers that open from the bottom to the top. When flower spikes are covered in unopened flower buds, they resemble golden candles.Candlebrush, which grows...
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