Cassia fistula (Golden Rain Tree)
Cassia fistula (Golden Rain Tree) is a flowering tree native to the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Southeast Asia. IT is a medium-sized deciduous tree that typically grows to a height of 30 to 40 feet (9 to 12...
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Cassia (Senna) marilandica (Wild Senna)
Cassia (Senna) marilandica (Wild Senna) is a flowering perennial plant native to eastern North America. While it is not a tree, Wild Senna is a notable plant species. Wild Senna is a herbaceous plant that grows to a height of...
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Cassia alata (Ringworm Cassia)
Cassia alata (Ringworm Cassia) is a flowering shrub or small tree native to tropical regions of the Americas and Africa. It is a fast-growing, deciduous plant that can reach heights of 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 meters) or...
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