MONARDA citriodora (Lemon Mint)
Monarda citriodora is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, that is native to much of the United States and Mexico. Common names include ‘Lemon beebalm’, ‘Lemon Mint’ and ‘Purple Horsemint’. When crushed, the leaves emit an...
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MONARDA punctata (Spotted Beebalm)
Monarda punctata, commonly called ‘Spotted Beebalm’, is a native herbaceous perennial to the eastern U.S. and typically occurs in full sun areas with dry soil in prairies, sandy areas, rocky woodlands, and coastal plains. Spotted Bee Balm is the best...
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MONARDA fistulosa (Bergamot )
Monarda fistulosa, commonly called ‘Wild Bergamot’, is a common Missouri native perennial which occurs statewide in dry soils on prairies, dry rocky woods and glade margins, unplanted fields and along roads and railroads. Monarda fistulosa, the wild bergamot or bee...
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