OENOTHERA speciosa (Showy Evening Primrose)
Oenothera Speciosa commonly known as ‘Showy Evening Primrose’. This flowering species has several other common names including ‘Pinkladies’, ‘Pink Evening Primrose’, ‘Mexican Primrose’. This evening primrose species is found from Pennsylvania west to Nebraska, South to Texas then eastward to...
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OENOTHERA pallida (Pale Evening Primrose)
Oenothera Pallida commonly known as ‘Pale Evening Primrose’ is a flowering species native to United States. Pale Evening Primrose is a charming rhizomatous perennial boasting fragrant, satiny white flower, with delicate texture of crumped silk. Blooming in mid to late...
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OENOTHERA missouriensis (Dwarf Evening Primrose)
Oenothera Missouriensis commonly known as ‘Dwarf Evening Primrose’, ‘Bigfruit Evening Primrose’. This flowering species is native to Mexico and the South-central United States, where it is found in calcareous prairies and limestone outcrops. Flowers are followed by somewhat unique, winged...
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OENOTHERA lamarckiana (Common Evening Primrose)
A cultivation of these luminous golden flowers will give off a special evening glow. The heat of the midday sun wilts the day's blossoms, but fresh ones bloom in the evening. This wildflower is simple to cultivate. This flower is...
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OENOTHERA biennis (Evening Primrose)
Lemon-scented, massive yellow flowers bloom at the top of a leafy stem. Hairy stems with a purple tint. These fragrant flowers bloom in a terminal spike with several flowers. This night-blooming biennial's flowers open in the evening and close by...
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