Nyssa sinensis (Chinese Tupelo)
Nyssa sinensis is a versatile tree with spectacular fall colour. This broad-conical tree is exceptionally well-suited to rocky terrain and moist soils. New leaves sprout bronze-purple in colour and develop to a dark green colour. The leaves are simple and...
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Nyssa ogeche (Ogeechee Tupelo)
Nyssa ogeche (Ogeechee Tupelo) grows to be 50 feet tall and has a pyramidal crown while young, developing to a spreading, flat-topped crown as it matures. The tree's numerous, uneven branches arise from a trunk coated in dark brown or...
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Nyssa aquatica (Water Tupelo)
Nyssa aquatica (Water Tupelo) is a large, long-lived deciduous tree endemic to deep river or coastal wetlands of the tupelo genus. The trunk of the Water Tupelo is tall and straight, with a thin, open crown of spreading branches and...
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