Celtis sinensis (Japanese Hackberry)
Japanese hackberry is a hackberry species found in Japan and Korea.It is a deciduous tree that reaches a height of 20–25 metres. Long and broad, with a strongly serrated edge, glaucous underneath and downy on the leaf veins, the leaves...
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Celtis laevigata (Sugarberry)
Celtis laevigata (Sugarberry) is a deciduous tree that grows along the coast of North America. It is a fast-growing tree with a rounded vase crown that is resistant to urban pollutants and makes a wonderful shade tree. Many birds and...
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Celtis australis (European Nettle)
A big deciduous tree native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia Minor, the European nettle tree is a large deciduous tree. Celtis australis thrives in mixed deciduous woods with oaks, hornbeams, ash trees, and maples. It thrives on poor sand,...
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