Midori Giant, Edamame Bean (Organic) (Glycine max)
Midori Giant is a bushy, early-maturing plant variety about twenty-four inches tall. Organic Edamame may be planted in a patio, balcony environment by using containers or raised beds. Place them in a sunny location. Keep soil moist and damp but...
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Midori Giant, Edamame Bean (Glycine max)
The Midori Giant pods are nice and large, with beautiful green little beans inside if you harvest them unripe. The beans turn yellow and a bit drier as they ripen. Edamame is a proven hearty growing and early maturing seed....
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Japanese Black Daizu, Edamame Bean (Glycine max)
Japanese Daizu is a very unusual variety that can be used for edamame or dried beans. It has a much sweeter taste than the average edamame, nutrients dense, and is excellent in soup or over rice. This late maturing soybean...
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