Chrysanthemum Species Mixed
Mix contains Chrysanthemum carinatum, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Chrysanthemum maximum "Alaska" and "Silver Princess", and Chrysanthemum leucanthemum. All chrysanthemum flower petals are edible Chrysanthemums, also called mums, are flowering herbs that belong to the Aster family   Number of Seeds Max Coverage...
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Chrysanthemum carinatum Painted Daisy
Glorious rings of multi-color in crews encircle the durable daisy petals a top glossy, bright green, with an almost moist cut foliage. Bright colors of yellow, pink, bronze and maroon, display the strength of pattern and color of 19th century...
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Chrysanthemum paludosum Creeping Daisy
The flower is totally opposite as it sounds. Belonged to the Mediterranean region, the flower can become the masterpiece of your garden if you give it the required care. The unique and eye-catching white color with luxurious aroma can create...
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Chrysanthemum multicaule Yellow Daisy
The eye-catching yellow color on the other side, the appearance of the flower makes it top-notched among spectators. Grown in Africa, the yellow daisy is commonly used for making flower beds, borders, walkways, gardens, and for some medical purposes. Blooms...
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Chrysanthemum maximum (Shasta Daisy, Dwarf - Silver Princess)
Snow in summer not only sounds impressive but looks outstanding too. Belonged to the Caryophyllaceae family, the flower can take the beauty of any garden to the highest peak. Tolerant to heat, the flower blooms under full sun in well-drained...
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Chrysanthemum maximum ('Alaska' Shasta Daisy - Alaska)
Shasta Daisy ‘Alaska’ is a deep-rooted variety that is perfect for cut flowers and cottage gardens. Plants grow to 30 inches tall with white flowers and yellow disc. It attracts beneficial insects to the garden for pollination. It is long...
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Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Ox-Eye Daisy
The Ox-Eye Daisy has many names: Bull Daisy, Button Daisy, Dog Daisy, Field Daisy, Midsummer Daisy, Moon Flower, and White Weed. This pretty flower is native to Europe and the moderate regions of Asia. In Europe it's considered as a...
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Chrysanthemum coronarium Garland Daisy
Mixture of white and yellow just like egg color scheme represent the flowering plant in the most elegant way. Concentric color bands show the nature’s power to create such an amazing beauty with the sophisticated ring flowers. Many Asian cuisines...
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