AGASTACHE foeniculum (Lavender Hyssop, Anise Hyssop)
Having bright blue flowers at the erect stem of plant, Agastache Foeniculum enhance the beauty of land where they grow. While blooming, their purple colored flowers attract the insects and butterflies. Thus it can be said that they are rich...
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AGASTACHE urticifolia Nettleleaf Horsemint
This long lived flowering plant of mint family have leaves of triangular and sharp tooth shape. Bright purple flowers with pink and purple shades in corollas manifest the beauty of land. Agastache urticifolia is an aromatic herb with an upright...
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AGASTACHE rugosa Purple Giant Hyssop (Korean mint)
AGASTACHE  rugosa Purple Giant Hyssop (Korean mint) is an aromatic plant of the mint family. Wrinkled straight flowers are the host for pollinators. Agastache Rogusa plants have short life. Eye-Pleasing fresh purple color makes its popularity among cottage gardens, beds...
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