Fagus orientalis (Oriental Beech)
Oriental beech is a deciduous tree that grows up to 65 feet tall and is one of the most common tree species in Northern Turkey. The leaves are alternating, simple, and whole or slightly crenate, long and wide, having veins...
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Fagus sylvatica (European Beech)
Fagus sylvatica (European Beech) is a tree that is endemic to Europe. The tree's name comes from its crimson wood. Green leaves cover the European Beech. In Germany, beech woods are particularly common. They feature a spherical, conspicuous crown that...
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Fagus grandifolia (American Beech)
The American beech, Fagus grandifolia, is endemic to eastern North America and may be found across North Carolina. It is a huge deciduous tree with a thick, upright-oval to rounded-spreading crown and smooth bark that remains smooth as the tree...
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