Platanus orientalis c.s. (Oriental Planetree)
In eastern and southern Europe, the Oriental plane tree is a common sight. The plane is as common as a street tree in southern Europe as the London plane is in northern Europe. The oriental plant also has beautiful maple-like...
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Platanus occidentalis (American Sycamore, American Plane)
The American Sycamore, or Platanus occidentalis, is a big deciduous tree that may grow to be 75 to 90 feet tall with a trunk . It is one among North America's biggest hardwood trees in terms of diameter. The tree...
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Platanus acerifolia c.s. (London Plane Tree)
The London Plane Tree is a cross between the American Sycamore and the Oriental Planetree trees. It belongs to the Platanaceae family and is a big shade tree. The tree's dark bark, which exfoliates in irregular chunks to reveal a...
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