Amelanchier ovalis c.s. (European Amelanchier)
In the rose family, Amelanchier is a genus of around 20 species of deciduous-leaved shrubs and small trees. Amelanchier grows predominantly in early successional environments in temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Amelanchier species range in height from 0.2 to...
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Amelanchier lamarckii (Juneberry)
The juneberry is a dark-colored fruit cultivated for wholesale processing on the Canadian prairies, with occasional fresh market and you-pick sales.Juneberries are a frost-hardy, self-pollinating fruit crop that blooms early in the season. In most regions of New York State,...
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Amelanchier alnifolia c.s. (Saskatoon Serviceberry)
Saskatoon Serviceberry is a lovely shrub native to northern California and the Sierra Nevada mountains. It grows to a height of 35 feet in an upright shape, with strong growth in the spring and summer. It generally has the shape...
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