Thuja occidentalis (American Arborvitae, Eastern Arborvitae)
Thuja occidentalis belongs to the cypress family Cupressaceae and is an evergreen coniferous tree. The bark is reddish-brown, wrinkled, and peels in long, narrow strips. Northern white cedar has scaly leaves and fan-like branches. Flat sprays of foliage with long...
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Thuja plicata (Western Redcedar, Western Red Cedar)
The western redcedar is an evergreen coniferous tree endemic to the northwest United States and southern Canada.The foliage is arranged in flat sprays with scale-like leaves in opposing pairs, with each pair 90 degrees apart. The tiny cones dangle from...
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Thuja orientalis aurea (Gold Arborvitae)
Thuja orientalis Aurea has a bright yellow summer colour and a yellow-bronze winter colour. It grows slowly and has a short, approximately cylindrical shape with slightly flattened sides. youth, the scale-like yellowish-green leaves in flattened sprays become deeper green as...
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