Dimorphotheca sinuata (African Daisy, Stick)
Spreading a beautiful carpet of orange yellow color, this African Daisy is an upright stem with fresh blossoms. Blooming from spring to winter they are visited by bees and butterflies.  Depending upon the geographic locations they are closed at nights...
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Dimorphotheca sinuata (African Daisy, Flake)
Despite its African Roots, this drought-tolerant annual plant has been commonly naturalized in the United States. From seeding to blooming, the plant takes about 55 days and produces 2-inch large orange, salmon, and white flowers.  They make excellent cut flowers, but in the garden or bouquet, they will close at night. The flake seed is formed by the ray flowers, also known as the petals, which are located on the outside of the flower head. Good enough to make informal gardens. Number of Seeds Max Coverage Area (Square Ft.) 1OZ 16,250 250 1/4LB 65,000 1,000 1/2LB...
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