LIATRIS spicata (Gayfeather )
LIATRIS spicata (Gayfeather ), known as dense blazing star or prairie gayfeather, is an herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the sunflower and daisy family. Native to East and North America where it grows in moist prairies and sedge meadows. Valued...
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LIATRIS pycnostachya (Thickspike Gayfeather)
Liatris Pycnostachya commonly known as ‘Thick-spike Gayfeather’, ‘Prairie Gayfeather’, ‘Prairie Blazing Star’, ‘Cat-tail Liatris’. One of the tallest blazing stars, is an upright, clump-forming perennial boasting fluffy spikes densely packed with deep rose-purple flowers. This perennial is one of the...
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LIATRIS punctata (Dotted Gayfeather)
This perennial's erect, herbaceous plant stems may be isolated, but they typically grow in clusters of 1-2 feet long. Several stems carry narrow, crowded heads with slender wands of rose-lavender flowers. When they intermingle with the tufted flowers, a slew...
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