ACHILLEA millefolium rubra Red Yarrow
Single stem plant with bunches of smaller stems at flat top makes the beautiful bouquet of red flowers. Having 15-50 flowering blooms per bunch, it gives the look of fine feather growing in spiral form. They are featured as to...
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ACHILLEA millefolium occidentali (Western Yarrow)
Commonly known as Western Yarrow is a native flower in the regions of the western U.S. Its major use is in renovation and re-establishment of projects in dryland areas. Plants have finely divided, fern-like leaves, woolly hairs and a sharp tasting and bitter...
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ACHILLEA millefolium White Yarrow
This Flowering plant of Family Asteraceae is native to the regions of Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe and North America. White fragrant flower with the pearl like nectors inside it, present the most striking look of flower in the...
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ACHILLEA filipendulina Gold Yarrow
Along with a beautiful look, ACHILLEA filipendulina Gold Yarrow is rich in many other qualities. A featured flowering plant adds value in the fine looking of gardens and meadows. Having cut flower look, this yarrow attracts maximum butterflies towards it,...
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