Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar)
Eastern Red Cedar is a coniferous evergreen tree with a thick, sluggish growth rate. The oldest tree found was 940 years old and came from West Virginia. The reddish-brown bark is fibrous and peels away in thin pieces. The leaves...
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Juniperus scopulorum (Rocky Mountain Juniper)
A shrubby tree with a twisted stem and a broad, unevenly shaped crown. Scale-like, overlapping in pairs yet covering the twig in four rows. The leaves on young, faster-growing branches may be longer and more needle-like, arranged in groups of...
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Juniperus communis (Common Juniper)
The genus Juniperus belongs to the Cupressaceae family, and the common juniper is one of its members. It is a shrub or small tree with a wide range of characteristics and a modest spreading habit. The needle-like leaves of the...
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