LINUM perenne (Blue Flax)
Linum Perenne commonly known as ‘blue flax’, ‘lint’, ‘perennial flax’. A flowering plant in the family Linaceae, native to Europe, primarily in the Alps and locally in England. It is a slender herbaceous perennial plant growing tall, with spirally arranged...
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LINUM lewisii (Lewis Flax)
Linum Lewisii commonly known as ‘Lewis Flax’. A perennial plant in the family of Linaceae, native to western North America to Alaska. Also known as ‘Prairie flax’. Lewis's flax is a native, semievergreen, perennial forb. It has several glabrous, erect...
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LINUM grandiflorum rubrum (Scarlet Flax)
Linum Grandiflorum is a species of flax known by several common names, including scarlet flax, flowering flax, red flax. This beauty adds dramatic flair to the mid-season garden with deep scarlet blooms edged in black. Scarlet Flax offers up its...
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