DIANTHUS superbus (Fringed Pinks, Mixed)
Flowers have the shape of 5-parted fringes, fragrant, pink-lilac, pink-purple or white. The common name of ' Fringed pinks' does not refer to the color, but to the fringing which looks like it was trimmed with pinking clippers. The petals of...
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DIANTHUS plumarius (Cottage Pinks)
20 inches’ tall perennial having combination of dark to light pink flowers with dark centers produce beautiful look and fragrance in the gardens. They bloom from late May to July under full sun and average moisture. Having height of 12...
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DIANTHUS hybridus 'Rainbow Loveliness' (Dianthus - Rainbow Loveliness)
A beautiful mixture of lacy flower petals with the combination of white pink and lavender color. This contrast of elegant colors give pleasure to eyes. Used for indoor gardens. Bloom from May to onwards till July in the full sun....
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DIANTHUS hybridus 'Large Flowered Mix' (Dianthus - Large Flowered Mix)
Blooming in the period of spring to summer, this large flowered mixture is topped with the bi or tri-colored flowers. Pink, purple, rose and white single flowers stand firm at the tips of erect stems. They have been observed to...
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DIANTHUS deltoides (Maiden Pinks, Mixed)
Mixture of pink, dark rose and white flowers give the mat-forming look for rock gardens and the front of borders. The fragrance of these showy flowers pleases all the senses with charm. Growing in full sun, these flowers do not...
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DIANTHUS deltoides 'Brilliant' (Maiden Pinks, Bright Rose)
With the combination of dark and light pink color Maiden pink is an ever-green perennial. Spreading at the erect stem of the plant flowers start blooming in the late spring and summer. Heavily fringing small single flowers attracts bees and...
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DIANTHUS chinensis (Chinese Pinks, Mixed)
As seen from the name Chinese pink is highly popular because of its abundance of colorful flowers. Heavily far-flung petals with the dark color inside, these flowers bloom over a long period from spring to summer and give pleasant look...
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DIANTHUS caryophyllus ('Chabaud Mix' Clove Carnation)
DIANTHUS caryophyllus ('Chabaud Mix' Clove Carnation): Used for cottage gardens, beds, and borders, the flower is super easy to grow but requires a little bit of attention. With the cut and showy appearance with mixed colors, the flower can catch...
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DIANTHUS barbatus (Sweet William Pinks, Mixed)
Sweet William Pink is one of the best and appealing flowers that nature offers us. Native to the US and Mexico, the flower grows under the full and partial sun and blooms in the seasons of summer, spring, and fall....
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