PHLOX drummondii (Annual Phlox, Pastel Shades Mix)
Phlox Drummondii commonly known as ‘Annual Phlox’. Phlox Pastel Shades Mix contains soft, muted shades of yellow, salmon, pink, rose and white. A showy annual native to Texas and southeast United States. In the right conditions, it will re-sow itself...
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PHLOX drummondii (Annual Phlox, Mixed)
Mixed annual phlox comes in a mix of pink, red, rose, purple and white. It is native to southeastern United States and Texas. Also, this attractive species can be found in Alabama but is most common in the south-east portion...
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PHLOX drummondii (Annual Phlox, Red)
Phlox Drummondii known by common name “Annual Phlox”. This flowering species is showy and fragrant annual that is native to grasslands and open woods in central and eastern Texas. It has escaped gardens and naturalized along roads, fields and waste...
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