HELICHRYSUM subulifolium (Strawflower, Yellow)
Helichrysum subulifolium commonly known as golden everlasting strawflowers produced from spring to autumn. Their distinctive feature is the papery bracts that resemble petals. Strawflower is a continuous bloomer. Deadheading and flower harvesting throughout the growing season prevent seed formation and...
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HELICHRYSUM bracteatum (Strawflower, Dwarf Mixed)
Dwarf varieties do well in rock gardens, containers, or window boxes. Flowers retain their shape and color when dried and are grown for dried flower market. Cut fresh flower also last a long time. In Australia, they can grow freely...
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HELICHRYSUM bracteatum (Strawflower, Tall Mixed)
Helichrysum bracteatum known as strawflowers comes from Australia, where it still grows wild as native species. The dried flowers retain lovely shades of yellow, red, orange, pink and white which can be readily used in dried flower arrangements. They are...
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