Larix x eurolepis (Dunkeld Larch)
In 1897, the Dunkeld Larch was discovered in Dunkeld, Perthshire. It's a cross between the two parents, but with hybrid vigour. A similar hybrid was discovered in Switzerland at the same time, hence the two distinct Latin names! It is...
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Larix sibirica (Siberian Larch)
The Siberian larch is a robust tree native to western Siberia and northern Russia that may reach heights of 100 feet. With age, its beautiful red-brown bark becomes severely furrowed and gnarled. The branches sweep down and rise at the...
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Larix laricina (americana) (American Larch)
The American larch may be found growing in sphagnum bogs and marshy areas throughout most of northern North America. It seldom reaches a height of greater than 60 feet. The crown is open, and the branches are frequently twisted and...
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Larix kaempferi (Japanese Larch)
Japanese larch is widely distributed in its native Japan, where plantations cover vast swaths of the western highlands. It has very long low branches that swoop out and up, and the top branches swoop upwards as well. With scaly rusty-brown...
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Larix gmelinii (Dahurian Larch)
(Dahurian larch grows east of the Yenisei River in Siberia, where it hybridises with L. sibirica to cover large areas. It features an open crown with a thin top, but is most commonly observed as low and thick. The leaves...
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Larix decidua (European Larch)
The European larch is a deciduous conifer endemic to Europe, where it thrives alongside Norway spruce in the same region and is commonly observed growing together. It may grow to be a very large tree with a trunk diameter of...
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